Tips For Dealing With Police Officers

Over the past several months there has been a lot of talk about police officers, your rights in regards to the law and other issues.  For those that have been captured or detained by the law may need to get out of jail through the use of bailbonds cleveland

When it comes to dealing with the cops, having a friendly bailbonds company in your corner such as Chuck Brown II Bails Bonds is a good idea.  Here are some useful tips for dealing with the police before that might happen, though.

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Ask for a different venue

In many cases when you are pulled over by the police or if you are dealing with the police you are typically on the side of the road or somehow blocking traffic.  If this is the case when approached by the officer state to them that you don’t feel comfortable sitting on the side of the road and you would like to be in a more public setting.  They should corporate with you but some may not.

Stay in your vehicle

Once you get out of your vehicle you are on public property.  Once on public property the laws and rules change.  However if you are in your vehicle you are on private property and they can’t force you to get out.  If they start to be forceful start recording the incident or call for help. 

Don’t talk back to the cops

When being talked to by the cops do not talk back to them.  When you talk back to them you are giving them reasons to take further action.  State clearly that you are waiting for representation to arrive and once the situation is more secure for your safety then you can continue with the officer.  Don’t do anything unless it is being recorded or documented by a third party.

Before venturing out, know your rights and the laws.  They will help you.